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Improve Audience Engagement with Quizzes

Conduct interactive quizzes and say hello to a fun learning experience

Design your quiz easily in minutes, add options, mark the correct answers and go!

  • Design a questionnaire relating to the topic of your presentation or training, including the answer choices.
  • From conferences to classrooms to meeting areas, create quiz games and build the spirit of competition to build curiosity in learning.
  • Show a comparison with the top players and give your quiz a seamless finish, take advantage of the leaderboard.

Start running the quiz anytime and improve audience engagement

Whether you want to start the quiz during meeting rooms or during a live streaming session. Do it anytime and improve engagement today

Leaderboard System

Display the leader board with the winners and their score on the big screen. Give rewards and recognition and award points to winners. These points can be converted into rewards.


Create The Quiz In Seconds

It takes just seconds to create your questions, mark the correct answer and then start the quiz


Increase engagement and knowledge

Boost engagement with quiz and skyrocket participation and productivity. Check the answers, display them on the big screen and review them.

Engage Your Participants With Live Quiz