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Conduct engaging live streaming sessions



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Effective and interactive remote meetings

Conduct meetings even where you are not in the same place. Run instant live polls during live stream to skyrocket interaction and conduct an engaging remote meeting.

Run live polls or quizzes during the live streaming session

If you want to run quiz, q&a, live polls during the live streaming session, You can run them directly during the session. You can integrate with other workspaces like zoom, facebook live and youtube as well and conduct a productive session

run-live polls

Conduct Q&A sessions during remote meetings

Conduct Q&A sessions during live streaming sessions. Give demonstrations, presentations and answer questions that are being asked. Share your screen and give in depth answers. You can also highlight the question that is being answered

Integrate zoom,microsoft teams and chrome Extension

Worried about changing your methods? Rest assured. Our platform also gives you the freedom to integrate zoom and microsoft teams as well


Progressive Web App




Microsoft Teams

Want your meetings to be more interactive?