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Conduct Q&A Sessions With ngage.ai And Improve Your Audience Engagement

Conduct Q&A Sessions During Live Streams

Run a Q&A session during live streaming sessions. Audience can ask questions during the stream and they can be answered. This will ensure improvement in engagement while clearing any doubts the audience may have. The question that is being answered can be highlighted to let people know which one is getting answered.


Run Q&A Sessions And Encourage Interaction In Seconds.


Give The Freedom To Vote For The Most Relevant Questions

Participants can decide which questions are the most relevant. People can vote for the questions they want to see get answered. In case of shortage of time, only those questions with high number of votes can be answered this way.

Project The Questions On The Big Screen

Keep your audience informed of what is happening and project the questions on the big screen. Get everyone involved in the discussion.

Observe The Questions

Keep track of the top questions and how the Q&A went by analysing the discoveries during or after the session


More From ngage.ai

Q&A Analytics

With analytics, you can observe the questions. These informations can be used for analysis.

Export Your Questions

Export the questions and analyse them after the Q&A session

Host Better Q&A Sessions.