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Engage your audience with live polls


Multiple Choice




Rating Poll



Collect instant audience feedback


Audience engagement with multiple choice live polls

Multiple choice polls are a great way to get audience response quickly and without taking much of their time. Do exactly that with ngage.ai!

  • Embed livepoll into your video/presentation tool.
  • Track and display poll and q&a questions result in real-time.
  • Use images while hosting a live poll to make it more visual.

Interactive quizzes

Create a live quiz with a time limit and a leaderboard and test individuals' knowledge in a fun and exciting way.

  • Create a trivia quiz for an entertaining and memorable experience.
  • Build icebreaker games with a live quiz
  • Evaluate participants' progress with timer quiz at the end of your session.

Gamify Participation

Assign points for participation during the live polls to incentivize attendee participation

  • Improve engagement in your meeting by introducing the element of gamification into it.
  • Display your leaderboard with the top players in trivia quizzes
  • Engage multistreaming audience with livepolls and quiz
live poll presentation

Collect Feedbacks and project it onto a big screen

With our live polling feature, you can collect feedback and project it onto a big screen easily.

  • Get helpful insights about the attendees.
  • See all your livepoll results at a glance.
  • Share the results in a beautiful and easy-to-understand infographic.

Integrate Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Chrome Extension

You can integrate with your favourite workspaces like zoom, microsoft teams, chrome extension and more


Progressive Web App




Microsoft Teams

Run Live polls during live streaming sessions

You can run livepolls during the live streaming sessions to improve audience engagement. Ngage.ai is one of the best and easiest audience platforms to work with. Run live polls in real-time during a live streaming session and improve audience engagement. Design the livepoll and seconds and run it during remote meetings or multistreaming sessions to collect audience feedback. You can also run the livepolls in zoom meeting.

Make your next meeting more interactive with live polls.