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Employee Engagement Made Simple


Employee Dashboard Designed For Convenience

Save time and reduce unnecessary confusions with our easy to use dashboard


Skyrocket Your Employee Engagement Rate With Our Mobile App

Enable seamless engagement with your staff, Native android and iPhone applications will be an extension of your brand.

How Can A Mobile App Improve Employee Engagement?

Gamification,Rewards and Recognition

Add Some Fun Elements And Conduct Competitions

Everyone needs to have some time when they can relax and have some fun.Introduce fun contests,make rules and reward the winners.Bring some lightheated competition and skyrocket engagement

Integrate Quiz In Remote Meetings Or Live Streaming Sessions

Run your quiz while a streaming session is going on,share presentations and impact knowledege


Learning and Development

Live Polls

Conduct live polls and get feedback instantly that can help in decision making process. Connect with employees and learn about their views and opinions. Live polls can be conducted during a remote meeting or a live streaming session easily

Have Q&A sessions

Run a Q&A session easily and clear doubts. This can be integrated during a live streaming session where people can ask questions and real time. Answer questions, give presentations and impart knowledge

Informational tabs

Share informations,documentss regarding any topic in the informational tabs which can be customized according to your needs


Why ngage.ai?


What our customers say

This application was a unique way of engaging our team members during our most awaited event of the year i.e. Annual Business Conference. The team members not only engaged during the event but also post the same using the add-on employee engagement features that were developed especially during the nation-wide lockdown. We look forward to working together again and wish you all the Best !

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement describes the employees interest in their work, the level of enthusiasm and dedication that the employee feels towards his/her job. It was always an important topic that needed focus and attention in an organization, however after the pandemic hit us.There are greater levels of[Read More...]

Employee Engagement and the pandemic

Employee engagement has always been an important topic even before the pandemic hit us. However, the way employee engagement activities are carried out have changed a little since the pandemic. There used to be a time when fun [Read More...]

Employee Engagement Strategies

Engaged employees have a positive perception about the organization and their colleagues. They take pride in doing their job and are usually full of confidence and morale. They always give their 100% to get things done as[Read More...]

Skyrocket your engagement rate

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