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Employee Advocacy


Gamify and Incentivize Participation

Reward and recognize the efforts of employees by awarding them with points, making a leader board and making them feel acknowledged for their work on promoting the product or services on social media.Incentivize participation and boost motivation of employees.


Boost Engagement,Visibility and Conversion Rates

Boost engagement on social media by encouraging employee advocacy. This way of promotion is proven to be more effective at times than conventional marketing methods.

Award Points For Posting Contents on Social Media

Awarding points is great way to make things interesting and rewarding for employees. Award points for great social media posts, have a leader board and much more.


Suite of Engagement tools


Employee Engagement

Engage employement and work together with our suite of engegement tools. Work collectively to have a larger social media presence and increase lead generation.

Audience Engagement

Use our easy to use live polls,quizzes in the marketing process and reward the advocate community as well.Add some elements of fun.


Event Management

Engage with your audience by using features like live polls and quizzes to make it more fun and exciting.

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