Introducing the first-ever hybrid audience engagement software for meetings and events. This innovative meetings technology tool will help you to  run hybrid events and build audience engagement throughout your event by providing a customized interactive experience. Help them feel part of the event and boost engagement with personalization, customization, and participation in real-time. 

How it Started?

Having worked in the meetings and events industry, we saw the challenge of engagement during live training and meetings, be it virtual or hybrid events. We created this tool to boost engagement and interaction and reduce awkward silences during training, seminars, or events.

What does do? assists you in executing audience engagement during live events, meetings, and seminars. Our platform alleviates the qualms of engagement activities and helps with engagement in a way that is playful. Our interactive features help you in running hybrid events by engaging both your in-person and virtual participants . It turns your presentations from one-way delivery into a two-way interactive presentation with live polls, quizzes, Q and A, word cloud, and more interactive elements coming up soon. Our solution has exciting elements, including gamification, and embedding live streams for hybrid meetings.

How does affect the way we communicate and experience content?

  • helps event planners to engage with attendees by bridging the gap between speakers and attendees through live polling and Q&A sessions.
  • provides a complete solution for audience engagement with live streaming and gamification. It supports integration with social networking applications such as Zoom, Wistia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Vimeo.
  • Maintain audience interest and focus, and reinforce crucial points to the audience.
  • A trivia quiz is a good way to get people in the competitive spirit. Compete against one another for some friendly rivalry and aim to find out who wins the leaderboard.
  • Track progress, knowledge gaps, and participation in detailed reports using analytics. With a simple self-service dashboard, you can speedily and quickly make last-minute changes.

Interactive Features: Live Polls

Live Polls

Boost audience interaction by sharing live polls on Social Media, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or using QR codes. Live Polls have a range of functions, including multiple choice, quiz, word cloud, and rating, which enable you to easily boost audience participation and team engagement. You can download and share the results of the polls in real-time.


Create a fun participation quiz (or test) that can be set up on the platform, include alternatives, set acceptable response choices, and launch it within seconds. The leaderboard will reveal the leading-scoring players for these alternative choices which creates interest and will help to boost people’s engagement. This is ideally suited for any type of quiz or assessment that can help to improve involvement. wordcloud

Word Clouds

Participants can add word clouds or frequently added words can then be highlighted. It may be a good idea to draw a picture or word cloud during a workshop or retrospective that immediately precedes or follows this virtual or hybrid event. Individuals can join your activities by using word clouds for brainstorming, ice-breaking, idea-collection, and team reflection. You can also include word cloud presentations during proceedings. Audience Q&A

Audience Q&A

With audience Q&A you can create an opportunity for your audience to ask questions and provide more direct interaction in live events. facilitate better ” Ask Me Anything ” conference sessions or Q&A panels at team meetings, virtual or virtual events. Moderate questions before they are visible to everyone or on the big screen and dictate policy. Slides Beta

Slides Beta

Create interactive presentations using slides and add word cloud, multiple-choice poll, and rating poll features to your slides. You can build interactive presentations using easy-to-use online editors. The audience can utilize mobile devices to participate in the event and answer the questions. You can also utilize a presentation using theme customization features. 

How can help you to engage your audience?

Hybrid Events Hybrid events

To successfully engage both virtual and in-person participants,’s interactive features will come in handy. The tool allows you to create a custom experience through customized quizzes, Live Polls, and word clouds for your audience by allowing them to interact with the content on screen as it is happening or through direct participation. And also allows you to live stream the event on various platforms like Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. It also has built-in analytics tools by which you can see what works best for your event.

Educational Institutions for Educational Institutions permits real-time feedback and collaboration, which can help build a sense of community among the students. The professors can still connect to their students and provide motivating lectures even in these difficult circumstances with our interactive tool.

Virtual engagement for employees Virtual Engagement for Employees gives everyone a voice, wherever they are working, to make sure the whole team contributes and feels heard. offers anonymous interaction option making it easier for an audience to be honest and ask questions for greater transparency.

Conclusion is an ultimate audience engagement platform that can provide solutions for your audience engagement problems through our interactive features. Our features are easy to use and powerful enough to turn your one-way presentation into an engaging one. We have a team of experts who will help you with the best solution according to your business needs. Our services are available at affordable prices and we also offer a free trial service so that you can try us out before making any commitment with us.